About Us

Transforming the way business is done in the agri-food industry through meaningful relationships, specialized solutions, and a commitment to quality.

Who We ARE

Grasslands is a Canadian-based global supplier specializing in top-quality organic and conventional agricultural commodities and functional food ingredients. 

Our comprehensive services encompass farm brokering, trading, ingredient supply, and sales brokering. 

Committed to delivering outstanding customer service, our team ensures personalized attention to meet the distinct needs of every client, establishing us as a trusted partner in the Agri-food industry.


We aspire to be a driving force in shaping an innovative future where global agri-food providers and purchasers prosper collaboratively, working together to redefine industry norms.

Anchored by a revolution that values meaningful relationships, specialized solutions, and unwavering quality commitment, we aim to build sustainable industry growth and market innovation.

Our Mission

Our mission in the agri-food industry is to serve as a catalyst for change, empowering our providers and purchasers with opportunities of the highest quality, and standing as their steadfast ally, dedicated to championing their interests and nurturing their successes.

Our Values

  • Relationships

    As a family-rooted farming business in the Canadian Prairies, we deeply appreciate the importance of trust, respect, and empathy in all our relationships. This foundation extends from our Grasslands Team to our trusted partners, as we build our business on the bedrock of personal connections.

  • Quality

    At Grasslands, quality is the guiding principle that shapes every facet of our business. It manifests in the products we meticulously select, the industry stakeholders we partner with, and the services we provide, ensuring every aspect meets our highest industry standards.

  • Specialization

    Grasslands operates as a vertically integrated business, allowing us to work across various industry capacities. Our innovative business model positions us as a comprehensive one-stop service provider, with each member of our hand-selected team bringing distinctive expertise to tailor services to the individual needs of our partners.


Sustainability extends beyond its environmental impact; it encompasses economic viability and societal well-being as well. Our dedication to cultivating a greener future is evident through unwavering commitment and collaboration with sustainable industry partners. By embracing a holistic approach that balances ecological responsibility, economic resilience, and community well-being, we strive to shape a sustainable agri-food landscape that prioritizes the interconnected facets of progress.