The Grassland Team

Chris Ostafie

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UAE Market Sales & Business Manager

Tel: +971 58 511-4486

Growing up on a farm in the heart of Saskatchewan, Canada, Chris formed a solid connection to the land and developed a deep appreciation for his family’s agricultural heritage. Shaped by a childhood defined by hard work, resilience, and lasting values, he set the stage for a life dedicated to achieving excellence and making a meaningful impact.

With over 15 years of diverse experience in small to medium-sized businesses, Chris brings a proven track record of leadership, business development, and a passion for driving success and fostering partnerships. Chris holds a Bachelor of Administration Degree from the University of Regina, Canada, which has laid a strong foundation for his business expertise.

As the UAE Business and Sales Manager based in Dubai, Chris spearheads strategic initiatives to cultivate and expand our market presence in the region. His responsibilities include overseeing sales operations, building local relationships, and navigating regulatory landscapes to ensure Grasslands’ continued success in the dynamic Agri Food sector.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Chris, an avid explorer, leverages his love for diverse cultures to bring a globally informed perspective to his role, showcasing adaptability and commitment to excellence.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates